Artist, Cosmetic Tattoo Artist & Piercer

28 years experience

T opened her first tattoo studio with a mission to make her family proud of her and as a way to present her artistic and talented family an opportunity to own a family business to be passed down generation to generation. T's passion for tattooing stems from her artistic vision she has always had in her & her love for a wide verity of tattoo styles. Her favorite part of her career is that she is able to give people art they get to wear on their body for the rest of their life. She enjoys the creative work flow & relaxed atmosphere of our shop and loves her clientele. T’s love for all different styles of tattoos make her the perfect artist for anyone!


Tattoo Artist
12 Years Experience 

Heidi specializes in bold color and cover-ups. 


Tattoo Artist & Piercer
1 Year Experience



12 Years Experience 

Jesse has been tattooing for 12 years. He grew up in a family owned tattoo shop watching his Uncle Gregg, and his cousin Marky tattoo; inspired by their art work Jesse became passionate about learning to tattoo and start professionally tattooing at the age of 14 as part owner of his own shop. Jesse stayed up long nights and with great determination knew that he could never give up on his dream to be like his uncle and cousin. He was also inspired by Tattoo legends, Jose Lopez, Mister Cartoon and Corey Miller. He stayed up many nights researching different techniques and many different artist. Seeking inspiration from other artists, he knew he would never stop learning and believes that once you give up on learning and bettering yourself than you give up on being an artist. Jesse feels that although he is capable at tattooing any style of art he most enjoys fine line black and grey photo realism and original art work.

Tattoo Artist & Piercer
26 Years Experience

Growing up, Bugz was fascinated with his Dad and family friends tattoos and knew from a very young age that he wanted to learn to Tattoo and have his art on other people for them to enjoy and showcase. His favorite part of giving his clients new body art is that they can come in with nothing and leave with beautiful art on them that lasts forever. While working on his clients he almost always gets the know them on a personal level. For many years Bugz was told that he would never accomplish his dream of becoming a Tattoo Artist & he enjoys that although he taught himself to Tattoo over 26 years ago, he is always learning new ways to better himself as an artist and is able to keep moving forward with each tattoo that he does. He believes that behind every tattoo is a story and he enjoys being able to help someone tell their story through his art.