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Beautiful Leg Tattoo done by T
Praying Hands Tattoo done by Jesse
Native Moon tattoo done by Bugz
Deer tattoo done by Aryanna
Thigh Tattoo done by T
Elephant tattoo done by Jesse
Ying and Yang Tattoo by Nick
Beautiful Side piece done by T
Smiley Piercing by Nick
Script tattoo done by Nick
King of hearts tatto done y Nick
Amazing tattoo done by Jesse
Texas Sate tattoo done by T
Medusa Tattoo by Jesse
Simi Colon Sunday Tattoo done by T
Route US 66 Tattoo done by T
3 Septum Piercings done by Nick
Collarbone Dermals by Nick
Alan Hands Autograph by Jesse
Triple Helix piercing done by Nick
Paw Print Tattoo done by Jesse
Variety of piercings, done by Nick
Naval Piercing done by Nick
Cartoon Turtle Tattoo done by T
Grim Reaper tattoo done by

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